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Can you call yourself an entrepreneur?

If you've a great idea to fill a gap in the market and you're willing to put your own time and money into it - you're an entrepreneur!

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Here's a thread of great advice - a cheat sheet for the new entrepreneur:

You'd be in good company too. Here in Derby we have a wonderful diversity of successful businesses, organisations and social enterprises from local shops to world-beating innovators. Here's just a few of the sectors our entrepreneurs have started businesses in.

  • Accounting, finance, law
  • Arts: artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, performers
  • Creative Industries and Software firms: animators/game/web/app development
  • Clothing and accessories manufacturers
  • Crafts: carpentry, textiles, pottery, decorations and gifts, jewellery
  • Food and drink production: from chocolates to catering, beer to soft beverages
  • Independent Restaurants, Cafés, Pubs and Bars
  • Independent shops: retail, hairdressers, specialist products and services
  • Leisure and Tourism: museums, galleries, cinemas, climbing walls, escape rooms, kids play areas
  • Repairs workshops: household or office appliances, mobile phones, other electronics, watches, clothing, shoes etc.
  • Therapy: psychological, physiotherapist, sports massage, holistic, coaching

Many others found here: Top 200 businesses in Derby and Derbyshire 2018

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Check out Crash Course's video: Who Even Is An Entrepreneur?

They'll also explain how to develop your business idea:

If you liked those two videos, check out the whole playlist on YouTube for free.


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