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So you'd found a gap in the market or a USP. You want to sell your wares and promote your offer without spending a fortune on physical store space and billboard advertising. Or perhaps you already had a successful business but you want to expand.

There are a few main reasons for moving your business online.

  • reach a wider audience
  • do more of your customer service online
  • automate some business processes
  • work more flexibly


The daily running of your business can be enhanced and accelerated using digital systems.

Let's take Ben who runs a home maintenance, repairs and gardening business with 8 staff of men and women who work together and individually on many small jobs for regular and new customers.  There are a number of things Ben could take advantage of:

Enhanced communication channels

Communication with customers can be speeded up with an online booking system

An online booking system saves Ben time because he doesn’t have to ring, text or email his staff or the customers.

Automation of internal systems

Information that staff need is always up to date

Working patterns and holidays could be recorded on computer and linked to the booking system so only staff available are allocated to each cleaning slot.

Remote working functionality

Staff can update their hours from home and even confirm when they have finished at each property.


Increased fiscal performance

Due to all the time and cost savings already mentioned, more money should be made from each customer.

Increased reporting options and functionality

The online booking system could produce reports of income and outgoings. Ben will be able to see which of his customers are contributing the most money to the company. The online booking system could take payment as well.

Reduced operating costs

Once set up, the booking system should be cheaper than phone calls or traveling to meet with clients and staff.

KPIs (key performance indicators)

It would easier to monitor how many cleaning jobs are being completed each day if the information is in one place and processed using IT rather than paper. He will also be able to see how long each staff member takes to complete a job although the work varies a lot.

What should Ben do next?

Ben might like to dip into our knowledge base for more useful information and to see how all this would work.

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