What is the value of using digital services to meet customer and end user needs?

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If you are unsure about whether to use digital services to improve your customer service then here are some reasons that should help you decide.smiling female shopper who has slung the shopping bag over her shoulder

Increased financial benefit due to customer retention and satisfaction

The way that customer retention and satisfaction will lead to increased financial benefit is that you will be keeping the customers happy and retaining customers so sales will keep rolling in and keep the business gaining money. The retention of customers will lead to new customers as the retained customers will be very happy and may recommend to family and friends which will give the business more sales.

Positives of customer satisfaction

  • repeat customers
  • competition differentiator (no amount of marketing campaigns and promotions will help you if your customers are not satisfied.)
  • decrease negative word of mouth
  • retaining customers is cost-effective
  • leads to customer loyalty & retention

Positives of customer retention

  • retention is cheaper than acquisition
  • loyal customers are more profitable
  • you’ll earn more word-of-mouth referrals
  • engaged customers provide more feedback
  • you earn wiggle room to try new things


User experience (UX)

Smilies - icons with different expressions are superimposed over a photo of someone's torso and hands holding a mobile phone about to tap it.User experience is the overall feeling or experience that a person has when using a product, such as a website, a mobile device, or a software application.

It includes how easy it is to use, how pleasant and satisfying the experience is, whether it’s useful or not, and how well it meets the person’s needs.

For both customers and employees, a good user experience results in savings and increased revenue, while a bad user experience can have a serious impact on sales, satisfaction, and costs.

It is vitally important to review your system's usability. Find out how to assess usability.

Improve your reputation

Customers expect instant communication and the platforms they already use. They are used to automated services like emails as soon as they purchase something. Using digital services to support customer satisfaction gives you:

  • protection of brand reputation
  • brand awareness
  • positive media exposure

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Protection of brand reputation

The character of a person is different than his or her reputation, and this holds true for brands as well. When people trust you or your brand, they are more likely to recommend you to friends, repeat business with you, and can even forgive mishaps or scandals.

Brand awareness

When trying to define the brand on behalf of your business you thought long and hard about how you wanted it to be seen. Brand awareness is the extent to which customers are familiar with the name, qualities, products, or identity of your particular business.

All communication from an organisation should support and enhance the brand. This means websites, emails, social media profiles and posts, all must use the same logo and style of writing that supports this. We live in a more visual world than ten years ago, thanks to the increased use of computers, mobile phones and other visual media.  So you can take advantage of digital communications to enhance your brand, by allowing people to see your branding more frequently and in a unified form across all media so it is instantly recognisable.

Positive media exposure

Positive media coverage is a powerful marketing tool because it places you or your business in a favourable light by projecting the credibility, expertise, passion, and image you want to convey. This will lead to the public wanting to interact and buy your company's products, as you will be seen as a very good place to spend their money.


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