What about the value of digital support services to end-users?

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I am looking to set up computers in a volunteer-run local library for citizens to use the Internet to search for jobs and generate CVs. If we gained the funding for an IT company to provide the digital support services, how would the following help?


This could help in 3 ways:

  • efficient first line, second line, and third line digital support to internal staff

The first line will help with minor problems such as password changes or any small inconveniences. The second line support would solve more complex issues and offer a 3-day fix.  The third line tends to be for projects that are negotiated separately. This would resolve all of the tech issues a lot faster, which will result in more efficient time spent on them and more people coming in to use them.

  • efficient resolution of end-user needs

An established IT team will improve end-user needs as they will install software that is new, user-friendly and helpful to all the users.

  • effective hardware or software deployment

This will give the customers a smooth experience on the computer and no issues like freezing or loss of work


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