How can social media and other modern comms give my customers more access and engagement to me and my business?

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Customers are asking for more access and engagement. They want me to use social media, chat, email, phone.
How could it help and how could it save time?

Having a social media page will allow you to communicate better with your customers and give them a space where they can leave any feedback they have on the product. This could also be used as a way of advertising since social media is a wide platform:

  • Did you know that there are 45 million active social media users in the UK.?
  • Did you know UK adults spend over an hour on social media every day?
  • Many of them are your customers.

It may help to have social integration for users and a support community.  This could be a forum on your website when you, your staff, and other customers can help new people solve initial problems and find what products and solutions you can offer.  It could also revolve around an existing social media platform.  Though it will be cheaper it may give you less control.

It saves the customer time but can take up a lot of your time.  There is a risk that the customers will expect you to respond within minutes.  This would interrupt you from running your business so use the tools that social media websites such as Facebook offer.  You can set up an instant reply to a request they send to your Facebook page.  This reply can tell them when you are available and in the meantime give them a link to your website which may answer their question.

You can schedule social media posts to go out at a time when you are busy but also when your customers are most often online. Check out for example.

Want the develop this engagement to keep existing customers and engage new ones? See How can I attract and engage new customers?

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