Will digital services give me more efficient digital support for products and services?

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I have a question about the value of digital services to business customers like me.  I was told it would give me more efficient digital support for products and services.  How would that work?

The digital services would work in your favour as a lot of it nowadays is automated, meaning there is less effort coming from your end into your business needs.

Social media and websites will allow you as a business customer to easily access products and give feedback. This allows a better connection between you and your supplier.

Online services solve the problems of having suppliers and purchasing staff in different areas of the UK by using email, websites, videoconferencing, file-sharing and other online communication tools.

Digital services give you wider access to a range of products and services:
– Your company can use online methods to reach better suppliers through the communication tools mentioned above.
– Business owners can use online government services to get better advice more quickly.


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